The Gravediggers

The Gravediggers
‘A spectre is haunting Europe’

Between four walls
A young migratory thing
Nervous little thing
On amphetamine.

The wise, tall grass pays no attention,
Too busy steeping a head in the glass stream

(Tic-tock, tic-tock.)

But the teenage gulls complain,
Missing out on the action—

Above old mourning doves
Occupying a bench;
Settled like book-ends, in love.

If one should die,
                      what happens to the other?

(Tic-tock, tic-tock.)

Not far away, just a step from
                                            Royal Gala walls—

The pungent smell of coffee, bitter, sweet;
Sliding from a cafe on a narrow street;
Melts amongst a grey and steady stream.

The foreign exchange—
The feuds of family,

Inter-generational conflict—
The baby-boomer stealing


'Show your hand too early
Your daughters will steal it.'
Be wary.

Steer toward economic viability—
                                           Trust no-one.

Take the advise of tarot.

Pool resources.
Flexible equity,


Variable options,
Market liquidity.

‘Can you hear a distant march?’
                                        (The gravediggers are here.)
Felix Ortiz-Szewiel


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